Here's what Peter Furler had to say when asked about the video:

ccmbuzz: Someone is talking about Steve Taylor… No, no, no!
OK, they want to know if you can explain the Entertaining Angels video.

Peter: Oh, the video? No, I can’t. I don’t know what it’s
about. I just turned up on the day, you know, ran at the camera,
watched them turn over a car… I think it’s one of those things where there’s
obviously a lot of symbolism in the song, and there is in the video.
I’ve got my thoughts on what it’s about. I know what the song is about -
the song is obviously about the angels in heaven when they rejoice when
one sinner repents and comes to know Christ.

We went to a radio station very early in the morning one time,
and they had a Hope Line set up, you know, for people who were in trouble
and felt like committing suicide. They said that the busiest hours for their hope line
were between one and three in the morning. And, umm, growing up in Australia,
between twelve and one o’clock in the morning, is when the TV’s would shut off.

I can remember being fifteen, sixteen, sitting there kind of
depressed, watching TV late at night, then it’d go off and I’d fall asleep by the
TV light, you know when it was flickering…


So this is kind of the story of somebody finding life right there and finding that place where they break.
It goes past the idea of feeling sorry for your self and that you want to commit suicide.

It’s losing your self in a great way, and finding grace and mercy. And that’s what the Bible
says, if we believe the Bible - and you know, I do! I believe that all
over the world, tonight decisions will be made - and this is one that goes down in
history. We might not always remember that Abraham Lincoln was the president of
the United States, but we will always remember the day - forever, for eternity -
that we ask Christ in our lives; it’s the one that counts. But when that happens,
His angels rejoice. We don’t see them, and we don’t know, but we believe
the Bible and it says that happens, and it’s pretty freeing to
think about.